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and entertaining lectures,
prepare your application,
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Hey Skoltech, are you online? πŸ‘€
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What do I do? How can I even plan for graduate school now?
Check out our online open doors events, watch lectures, prepare your resume and motivation letter, collect all documents for your application. If not now, when else will you have time to do it? Call me/text me, I'm here to help.
online open doors events πŸ’»
oh, this is cool. these are the exact steps for preparing your application package. you're welcomeπŸ‘‡
our ambassadors: contact them and ask your questions directly πŸ‘‹
here is all the info about our Master's and PhD programs πŸ‘‡
to conclude, here's a video about the incredible atmosphere at Skoltech
and the magic button! it will take you to the application form
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