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Hi. We are all from Skoltech — a university that made it to the Top-100 Young Universities in just 8 years of its existence according to the Nature Index. We graduated in different years, study and work in different countries around the world, but share one thing in common: we love our alma mater. That's why we would be happy to support anyone who wants to apply for a Masters or PhD program there and needs more information.

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  • Alexey Tsapenko
    Graduated from: Ph.D. in Physics, Skoltech
    Current position: Academic Visitor at Aalto University 🇫🇮

    My spheres of interest are Optics, Applied Physics, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnology.
    I wanted to dig deeper into unique material properties for their further implementation in real products. Skoltech with its diverse scientific network and team spirit was the place that fully exposed and always supported me with such endeavors. Dynamic and fruitful introductions to new fields, novel experimental techniques as well as a number of international experiences throughout my career — that all was there. If you are feeling yearn to start such activities as soon as possible then — this is your moment.
  • Oksana Rusanova
    Graduated from: Space and Engineering Systems MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Schneider Electric 🇷🇺

    Just one month before commencement ceremony i was hunted to Schneider Electric company. Bold ideas, innovation and all things that make our life better always were my passions. I am falling in love with my job and people around me now. I am pretty sure my experience in working and study in international community and knowledge in innovation acquired at Skoltech have become my great competitive advantage. There are a lot of talented people in the modern world so it's difficult to distinguish oneself from the crowd. And as one of the lyrics reminds us, "diamonds never sparkle bright unless they are set just right". Skoltech is the best place for becoming diamonds.
  • Daria Burova
    Graduated from: Materials Science MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at University of Hasselt 🇧🇪

    My favorite discipline is design and synthesis of nano-sized materials and structures for innovative research in non-organic chemistry. This includes the development of cathode materials for new generation batteries or a plasma catalyst for carbon dioxide conversion. Skoltech is, first and foremost, the fundamental and applied learning, colossal experience and an amazing start for pursuing your dreams. By using the opportunities offered by Skoltech, its graduates can successfully grow in science and industrial entrepreneuship.
  • Dmitry Tochilkin
    Graduated from: Data Science MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Yandex Self-Driving Cars 🇷🇺

    I'm currently working at Yandex Self-Driving Cars making visual search system. My research interests lie mostly in the field of video restoration — video inpainting, video super-resolution and optical flow. Why Skoltech? I think it's quite a unique place in Russia where your talents and initiatives get support and start vibrating among other students. The key is that it you just feel comfortable there. The distance between the faculty, administration and students is so small you start feel yourself as a truly valuable piece in Skoltech ecosystem. And then, when you feel engaged and have any support you need, your creativity starts to unravel. It's easy to study at Skoltech, but you need to work hard.
  • Elizaveta Serdiukova
    Graduated from: Space and Engineering Systems MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Technologist at TCS Group (also known as Tinkoff) 🇷🇺

    I work as a Technologist at TCS Group (also known as Tinkoff) at a startup within a company. Startup is a place, where you have to do everything possible to achieve your goal, even if you don't know how (yet). It was hard for me to choose a job after Skoltech. I love to do everything from marketing and communication with investors, to data analysis and engineering, but I didn't want to choose a specific job. Now my duties are business-analysis, data analysis, system analysis, project and product management in different proportions for different projects. My work consists mostly of communication and creativity. And this is perfect. Skoltech helped me to unlock my inner entrepreneur, learn how to communicate within a team and with "big men", how to work with stakeholders and how to perform in a lack of resources and in a short time.
  • Vsevolod Iakovlev
    Graduated from: PhD in Physics, Skoltech
    Current position: Vice President of Kiev Institute of Business & Technology 🇺🇦

    My area of interest is the synthesis of nanomaterials and their application. Skoltech is a place for growth. The modern approach in research at the highest level, team of professionals with international experience. Projects with real businesses and laboratories around the world. Trips and networking.
  • Nikita Rybin
    Graduated from: Materials Science MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society + Humboldt University 🇩🇪

    My area of expertise is in the development of methods of computational quantum mechanics for calculating the transport properties of electrons in solids. I work in the Christian Carbogno group the Matthias Scheffler department. Part of my work is related to topological insulators and thermoelectrics. Skoltech gave me the opportunity to work in a pleasant, inspiring atmosphere and in a team with world-class professors to assess the capabilities of Russian science, as well as gain experience in foreign laboratories.
  • Elena Romanenkova
    Graduated from: Life Sciences MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Innovation Specialist at Rusagro (Industrial Oil and Fats business unit)🇷🇺

    After graduation from Skoltech, I decided to pursue a career in Industry. My academic background is plant biotechnology with a particular interest in sunflower genomics and lipidomics. Now I'm working as an Innovation specialist at Rusagro. Why Skoltech? A wide range of electives, a flexible schedule, lectures from world-class professors, excellent labs, cutting-edge research, various club activities, leadership & entrepreneurship, and studying in English provide a good start for the ongoing future growth. Choose Skoltech if you want to discover and challenge yourself.
  • Ekaterina Malysheva
    Graduated from: Photonics MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at Technical University of Eindhoven 🇳🇱

    Currently I'm working on PhD position in Photonic Integration group. My favorite research area is AI application of integrated photonics, or neuromorphic photonics. Skoltech is a unique environment where research, innovations and social activity are combined. Students here have the opportunity to try themselves in many new areas of activity under the guidance of professionals.
  • Gleb Nazarikov
    Graduated from: Photonics MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at Technical University of Eindhoven 🇳🇱

    I received a MSc degree from Skoltech in 2019 and entered the PhD program at the Technical University of Eindhoven. In Skoltech, the topic of my thesis was devoted to integral photonics, and in particular, to the development of the Si-based electro-optic modulator. Skoltech provided me with a great opportunity to work in modern and well-equipped laboratories on an interesting and demanded project. Now I am continuing my research in the field of photonics, but I moved from the device level to the system level and working on the project devoted to communication links with utilizing photonics.
  • Kirill Simonov
    Graduated from: Petroleum Engineering MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Reservoir Potential Department at Schlumberger 🇷🇺

    I work on interpretation of 3D seismic data and automatization using Image processing and Deep Learning algorithms. Skoltech is a variety of opportunities, paths to adventures in science and ability to perform with support from everyone. The spirit and people at Skoltech encourage you to outperform yourself, broaden your inner limits and withstand the difficulties on your way in pleasant manner.
  • Olga Isaeva
    Graduated from: Life Sciences MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute 🇳🇱

    Skoltech is a unique place where you can get a world-class biological education without leaving Russia. Skoltech has excellent professors, the educational process is organized very thoughtfully, there are opportunities for internships and professional development. Currently I'm a PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, a research institute at the main cancer hospital for adult patients in the Netherlands. I am a bioinformatician, engaged in sequencing data analysis. I also work with public data, participate in the development of clinical trials and analysis of their results. My projects focus on the role of T cells in the development of cancer and in response to therapy, on the role of tumor microenvironment in response to therapy, on liquid biopsies in cancer treatment and much more.
  • Maksim Parshin
    Graduated from: Energy Systems MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: ABB 🇷🇺

    Skoltech is a unique place that can give you a chance to make your scientific ideas come true. And this opportunity helped me to get a successful position in ABB company. Currently, I'm working as an electrical project engineer and developing innovative solutions for energy industry's automation.
  • Alevtina Koreshova
    Graduated from: Life Sciences MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student in Vienna Biocenter (IMBA, Alejandro Burga group) 🇦🇹

    I am now a PhD student working in evolutionary biology. I went a long way from physicist to wet biologist and then to bioinformatician. The greatest advantage of Skoltech for me is flexibility in terms of courses and schedule. That's what made all my specialization transitions possible :) This, together with cutting-edge research and international community of Skoltech, makes a perfect atmosphere to grow as a an independent scientist or enterpreneur.
  • Valery Okatenko
    Graduated from: Materials Science MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at EPFL 🇨🇭

    I graduated with a master's degree in Materials Science in 2019 and am now pursuing my PhD at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland). It so happened that all my scientific activity is in one way or another connected with catalysis, so I'd say electrocatalysis is my favorite area of research in addition to the challenges associated with climate change. I chose Skoltech because it is dynamic and provides opportunities that you can either use or not. Yes or no is a matter of your own hard work and motivation.
  • Daria Trofimova
    Graduated from: Petroleum Engineering MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: Analyst of Analysis & Marketing Research Team, Refinitiv 🇷🇺

    Area of my professional interests includes oil and petroleum products market analysis and forecasting, providing insights and finding solutions for the problems of industrial companies. Although given the current realities, it becomes more challenging to predict the global market situation, the more interesting it is for me and my team.
    When I chose to pursue a Master degree at Skoltech, I bet on the uniqueness of this university and its educational programmes, in particular. The fact that it is young and rapidly growing made it even more attractive, because all the university staff, professors and students work extremely hard to render it the best one.
    Skoltech for me is a very special place, where you are taught to think critically, to be a creator and innovator. If you manage to go through challenging application process, you make an outstanding contribution to your future, becoming part of a stunning community of ambitious and talented people.
  • Ivan Volodin
    Graduated from: Materials Science MSc, Skoltech
    Current position: PhD student at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 🇩🇪

    Right now I am pursuing a PhD in my most favorite field - redox flow batteries operating on water-based electrolytes. In my opinion Germany currently offers the best opportunities for development in this area.
    Before that, I earned my Master's degree at Skoltech. I worked on on organic-based flow batteries. I can confidently say that if someone had suggested that I go to graduate school in Germany instead, I would still choose Skoltech. My Master's program gave me an immense push in vocational training, discovery of the business world, personal development... so it would be a mistake to miss that. The high professionalism of Skoltech scientists, a powerful entrepreneurial base, laboratory equipment, a rich social life and (most important) the flexibility of the educational system are very inspiring and motivating.
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