FAQ: Skoltech's offline studies and vaccination
Offline studies are around the corner! You probably have a lot of questions about the requirements, vaccination and the format of the studies (we get it, it's stressful). Find the most popular questions and answers below.

This page will be updated regularly, please check for new questions and answers regularly.
I was ill with COVID-19 recently and cannot be vaccinated by September. Is this a contraindication against vaccination?
In this case you can postpone your vaccination and provide Skoltech with a medical confirmation of your previous COVID-19 illness (document issued by an authorized medical organization) less than 6 months before the date of presentation of the document.
If I was vaccinated earlier this year, do I need to be revaccinated before the start of the academic year?
No, you don't. Please provide Skoltech with a medical confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19 (certificate or another document issued by an authorized medical organization)
Are there any requirements for the type of vaccine to be taken?
No, there aren't. Any available vaccine in your country will be sufficient.
What kind of confirmation I need to provide to prove that I've been vaccinated?
A vaccination certificate or another document issued by an authorized medical organization
Will a positive antibody test be enough for attending classes?
No, you will either have to provide Skoltech with any of these documents issued by a certified medical organization:
  1. A vaccination certificate
  2. A medical confirmation of contraindications to the COVID-19 vaccination
  3. A medical confirmation of your previous COVID-19 illness (should be no less than 6 months ago)
  4. A negative PCR rest result (please note that it is valid only for 3 days).
I'm a Russian citizen, but currently I'm abroad for an internship. Here I have no opportunity to get vaccinated since I'm not a resident of the country where I'm now. I will be able to get vaccinated only in September after arrival to Russia, what should I do in this case? Will I be able to attend classes before I get vaccinated?
Yes, as a Russian citizen you will be able to a vaccination as soon as you return by making an appointment using your compulsory medical insurance policy (aka OMS).
I got a first shot of a two-component vaccine available in my country. Do I need to wait for the second shot of my vaccine to get my visa process initiated?
No, you can attach a certificate with the frist shot indication, that would be enough to start the visa issuing process. Keep in mind that only Russian vaccines currently available in Russia, so you won't be able to do a second shot of other vaccines upon your arrival.
Will you accept vaccines other than the ones available in Russia?
Yes, as long as you provide official proof of vaccination, we will accept any vaccine that's currently available in your country.
If your question hasn't been answered, please email us at admissions@skoltech.ru. Check this page for new answers often, please.
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