Neural Networks,
Quantum Physics and
Water Polo Champion.
Alexander Berezutskii, MSc graduate / Photonics & Quantum Materials
/запросить — как попал в Сколтех и кто такой/ Meet Aleksandr Berezutskii, graduate of the Photonics and Quantum Materials Master's program. During his two years at Skoltech, Aleksandr took the most from what Skoltech has to offer: conducted his own research in Machine Learning at Skoltech's Deep Quantum Labs, participated in an international exchange program in Hungary and even interned at Huawei.
San Marino?
/про концепт ISP и тему с San Marino/
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San Marino!
/из отчета о проекте — как это происходило/ The admissions process at Skoltech is slightly different from that at other universities. It involves an online application, a subject test and an-in person interview. I took TOEFL at Skoltech and also a physics/math written exam which was rather challenging for me. Besides that, there was a team game, where candidates were to solve some real-life problems in an innovative manner and briefly present their solutions. In the end everyone had an interview with the professors from the Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials to introduce themselves from the academic point: usually the participants were talking about their graduation work or any other relevant achievements.

Photonics & Quantum Materials
Photonics and quantum materials are among the most important areas of modern science and technology. Skoltech's MSc program provides world class education and research in photonics, bio-photonics and nanoelectronics – our students will be prepared to apply fundamental science and engineering approaches to higher-level research and industrial tasks.

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smth else (or nothing)
I also participated in the academic mobility program in the last year of my studies at Skoltech. It was a very nice experience in the sense that I could unplug myself from everyday problems and responsibilities I face in in my home city, Moscow, and fully devote my time to the graduate project. I would highly recommend to take such an opportunity if possible. Thanks to my co-advisor in Budapest, my visit there was my best experience of these two years in my Master program.

Besides that, I had an industry immersion experience in the Huawei R&D office in Moscow. It was also a pleasure to work on an interesting and hot topic, quantum computing, with intelligent people, the majority of which graduated from my alma mater, MIPT, and therefore we had many touchpoints with each other.

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We are Skoltech – a new international English-speaking STEM university that was founded by the group of world-renowned scientists in 2011 in Moscow, Russia. In just 8 years, we united dozens of researchers and globally renowned professors, built a stunning campus, set up world-class labs and made it to the top 100 young universities in the Nature Index. Read more >>
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