Results of voting for ISP-2024 student courses
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:
Timeless Rhythms: Exploring Historical Dance and Culture, Marco Offidani, MSc-2 student
(24 votes)
Climate Change Champions, Mumu Rahman, MSc-2 student
(19 votes)
Advanced Design for Scientists, Dariia Musaeva, Viktoriia Zinkovich, Magomed Vagabov, MSc-1 students
(16 votes)
Film Analysis: from Logic to Aesthetics, Evgeny Ryabkov, MSc-1 student (19 votes)
History of Music: from Gregorian Сhant to Einaudi, Konstantin Zamansky, PhD student (16 votes)
Total number of votes: 233
Skoltech is proud of its ISP program, as it gives maximum flexibility to students and the freedom to discover and explore areas not always tightly bound with the traditional educational programs.
  • ISP encourages all members of the Skoltech community (students, faculty, staff, visiting faculty/staff/experts, etc.) to:
    • organize unique courses of their own design
    • participate in courses proposed by Skoltech faculty and researchers, invited lecturers, student
  • ISP offers a variety of courses for students to:
    • explore their interests beyond their main educational fields
    • make their academic learning truly interdisciplinary
    • gain experience in creation of innovative project
  • ISP focuses on four main areas:
    • Broadening Horizons – Beyond Profession
    • Soft Skills Development
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I)
    • Career Development
ISP courses
Students Feedback
  • "ISP is the most entertaining while experiencing different things that are not in our major program stream. The length and depth of courses, the ISP period before beginning a new term, the amount of work loads, and so on are all in good shape."
  • "Firstly, I really admire the way Skoltech delivers every single course. I was planning to take an offline course at first but due to health reasons, I had to travel home and follow the online courses. Although, I enjoyed these courses. Every instructor is great in delivering their courses of expertise. It will be really great to have more courses taught by Prof. Maxim Zhuk and learn from their experience. I am thankful to Skoltech to provide such courses taught by such great instructors. Sincerely!"
  • "ISP was a really cool event in my life. Thanks to all the instructors!"
  • "While I had expected that the course of Gregory Falkovich would be great in terms of the content, professionalism of Prof. Falkovich, and his teaching approach (and it absolutely was!), I had a real pleasure to take Yerassyl's course on Quantum Information. I really loved his commitment, high level of preparation, friendly and inspiring athmosphere in the lessons and all this beautiful mathematics!"
  • "In my heart is the course on Based Movies by the Petroleum guys 🤩❤️ It really made my ISP! Thank you guys for your commitment, professionalism, and the brand new perception of movies, which I now have due to you. And I had such a relaxation in your lessons after Term 2, wonderful:)."
  • "In general I was pretty satisfied by the ISP period. Eq and negotiation games course was very exciting and definitely very useful. Chess strategies course had its own pros and cons and some unusual (at least for me) curriculum ideas, but still was interesting."
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