3 weeks in January
ISP course proposal for the January 2024 opens in October 2023
Skoltech is proud of its ISP program, as it gives maximum flexibility to students and the freedom to discover and explore areas not always tightly bound with the traditional educational programs.
What is ISP?
  • ISP encourages all members of the Skoltech community (students, faculty, staff, visiting faculty/staff/experts, etc.) to:
    • organize unique courses of their own design
    • participate in courses proposed by Skoltech faculty and researchers, invited lecturers, student
  • ISP offers a variety of courses for students to:
    • explore their interests beyond their main educational fields
    • make their academic learning truly interdisciplinary
    • gain experience in creation of innovative project
  • ISP focuses on four main areas:
    • Broadening Horizons – Beyond Profession
    • Soft Skills Development
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I)
    • Career Development
ISP courses
Students Feedback
  • EQ & Negotiation Games
    by Prof. Dmitry Kulish
    "Very useful course from practical side. EQ games gave me strong understanding about my strong and weak soft skills. There I get a toolkit to negotiation, it will help me in real cases."
  • Science in Contemporary Art
    by Stanislav Shpanin
    "The course is great. I learned a lot about contemporary art, about new approaches in art. I also really liked the interaction of students on each pair, all mini projects and assignments were very productive and informative."
  • Introduction to Modeling with Solidworks
    by Collins Ogbodo and Sahar Moghimian
    "The course is very rich, interesting, they told us everything in detail, intelligibly. I am extremely satisfied with the quality, new knowledge and everything in general."
  • Pilot School
    by Egor Burkov et al.
    "Great course! I got infected by the idea of continuing piloting."
  • What is Life?
    by Alexander Dekan
    "This course was mind-blowing for me. It was actually hard to define life. But I learned a very important lesson. Every definition is created for some purpose. And here, we exercised it a lot. It is actually a very insightful thing that I can apply in every other field of science. Soft or hard. I definitely recommend this course for the ISP-2022."
  • Introduction to Smart People Management
    by Alexander Chekanov
    "Alexander could explain shortly and understandable how smart people management works in real life. Thank you for the inspiring atmosphere!"
  • Languages of the World: Understanding…
    by Boris Iomdin
    "We solved real tasks from International Linguistics Olympiad. Extremely detailed and deliberate analysis of the problems (thank you, Boris!). The mere concept of just "touching" upon the language while not really learning it is just amazing to me."
  • Network Science
    by Kirill Polovnikov
    "Very good explanation of the material. The course turned out to be more interesting than I expected. There were many lectures from the invited guests."
  • Roadmap to Career Success 2.0
    by Lada Simacheva
    "I really liked it. Very grateful to the course for the opportunity to correct my resume and create a profile in Linkdin."
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