From a student startup enthusiast to a Triple Point coordinator
Arina Ivanova, 2022 MSc in Information Science and Technology | Triple Point coordinator at Skoltech
Meet Arina Ivanova who is now the Triple Point Coordinator at Skoltech and the CEO of her own game dev startup. Enjoy her story!
my Skoltech journey
I enrolled in the Information Science and Technology Master's program track Internet of Things in 2020. My research activities at Skoltech were related to the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease using multimodal data analysis. It was a covid period and all of my first year classes were online.

Online mode did not make me excited, because I wanted to get more communication with guys with similar interests, not only from Russia. So, during the Independant Study Period I chose a course from Zeljko Tekic "Project Lab: Building Skoltech1Million Entrepreneurial Challenge", dedicated to the creation of an analogue of MIT100K from scratch in Skoltech. In this course I met the team with whom we ended up launching the Triple Point pilot in the fall of 2021.

The second year of the master's program is less focused on networking, so even after the cancellation of covidual restrictions, I had to find my own opportunities for promise, for example, as a TA in courses.

how did I find my passion in startups
I came to Skoltech already with an interest in innovations. As an undergraduate I participated in IT case champions and even won Changellenge Cup IT 2020 with my team, proposing in the semifinals a solution for P&G business using the Internet of Things. In any case there was a desire to develop innovative activity in Russia and not only, but more often I helped to solve other people's problems. The idea of my project came to me during my studies at Skoltech.
how did you come up with the idea about your own startup
My Feel Beat project is dedicated to automating the process of video game playtesting, taking into account the player's emotional reactions and audio comments.

The original idea was to use player bio-reactions to create software for development companies for possible game customization. For example, the use of a webcam, microphone and pulse to maintain a specific level of fear.

This idea I tried to implement in my first course on innovation from Alexei Nikolaev "IoT: Launching New Products & Startups". However, near the end of the course, the project had a pivot on the topic of using bio-reactions already in the process of testing games with the target audience. Unfortunately, after the course the team broke up and for some time I was working on the project alone, until I found a new team, with which I successfully applied to the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, and then to the pre-acceleration program of MGIMO Ventures together with Startech VC.

The goal of the project is to create a platform for developers and potential testers, where the former can place requests for testing with automatic analysis of the most useful moments, and the latter receive money for recording the game process.

What are the main challenges that you face working on your project?
In the case of Feel Beat, the most difficult situation is the problem of entering the gamemode community, which in general is quite closed, and in the case of Russia is even less represented in the form of a live promise.

how did it all start with the Triple Point?
Triple Point project was originally started as part of the ISP course, then together with other Master and PhD students we came up with a project name, first rules, and drafts of the logo.

The creation of the localization of the MIT100K student startup competition was part of the Next Generation Program between Skoltech and MIT. So the student team had mentors from both the faculty and the team of organizers of the original contest. In our version, we kept the main feature of the program format, which is that Skoltech Triple Point is created by students for students. Such a format allowed us to more precisely create rules and activities for young innovators. As opposed to how the administration may have less understanding of student's problems in creating startups

We launched a pilot contest in the fall of 2021, with no connection to the themes of technological projects. However, after that the project was frozen for some time, until we found a new general partner for the program in the person of Energytechnohab Petersburg. As I was finishing my master's degree, I was offered to continue the project in the direction of energy and the creation of new theme tracks already as an employee of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Skoltech. Now my co-founder Andrey Chemikhin and I are coordinators of this program, but the main part of the team continues to consist of Master and PhD students from Skoltech.

few words about Triple Point Fest
On May 24, the Skoltech Triple Point Student Entrepreneurship Festival was held as part of the Startup Village innovation conference at Skoltech. The festival brought together young technological entrepreneurs, industry representatives and the expert community. The festival was broadcast in Sber's KoMeta metacenter as part of Sber's Entrepreneurship Week.

Student startups competed in three thematic tracks: Social Tech and IT/AI tracks held Demo Days, and the Energy&ESG track held the finals of the contest for startups in the pre-launch Launch stage with a prize fund of more than 1 million rubles from Energytechnohab Petersburg. Also during the festival there were lectures, poster presentations, mentoring sessions and networking activities.

This festival is a new step in the development of our program. We were able not only to complete a full cycle of energy competitions, but also to launch new tracks and attract new sponsors and partners. I would also like to note that inclusion in the Startup Village conference program was a great responsibility for our entire team, but everything went out well!

Your tips to young startupers
Don't be afraid to change the original idea of the project if, in the process of interviewing potential clients, you realize that the problem you are trying to solve is not as relevant as you thought.

Knowing how to present your project is an important part of it, don't forget about the clarity and visualization of your slides, as well as the structure of your speech and its intonation in important places of the pitch.

If you failed to create a startup for various reasons, it does not mean that you should give up. The experience you gain will allow you to avoid making mistakes when creating a new project.

and now about Skoltech
We are Skoltech. A new type of university in Russia, established in 2011 in collaboration with MIT with the vision of being a world-leading institute of science and technology. From the zero stage, Skoltech has rapidly advanced along the way towards a top-100 young university recognized globally by Nature Index.
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