Consent for personal data processing

I hereby give my consent to Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Higher Education "Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology" (PRSN 1115000005922) hereinafter – the "Institute" to process, including collection, systematization, accumulation, keeping, adjustment (update / change) translation to foreign languages, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, transfer, as well as transboundary transfer to the territory of foreign countries, of my personal data: surname, first name, patronymic, sex, year, month, date and place of birth, address, family status, passport data, data on education, position/occupation, military registration, academic performance, (digital) photo, for the purpose of:
administrative records of the Institute, including creation of reserve copies of records, accounting records, recordkeeping and support of academic processes and educational activity, entering by the Institute into contracts with third persons (for the purpose of this consent – the "Service Providers") to calculate and transfer the stipend, benefits, compensations, and other income, including taxes and withholdings established by the applicable laws, advanced training contracts, contracts on medical examinations and other contracts arising out of my labor relations with the Institute, as well as for the purpose of implementing by the Employer of a relevant staff policy, enlisting me to voluntary medical insurance plans, voluntary life insurance plans, and non-state pension plans for the purpose of organization of research and innovation activities, promotion of my further employment, to meet the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural, moral development, popularization of the best students of the Institute, who made the greatest contribution to the development of the Institute and increase the efficiency of the educational process, as well as ensuring compliance with laws and other regulations.
For the purpose of publishing information about the activities of the Institute and students of the Institute in the media, in brochures, leaflets and newsletters of the Institute and Skolkovo Foundation both on paper and in electronic format.

In case of applying to credit institutions (banks) to get credits (other bank products/services requiring verification of an applicant's data) – to prove my personal data upon request of relevant institutions.
In case of applying for grants, tender applications, reporting to state authorities etc -to transfer my personal data to relevant third persons in accordance with the established procedures of these third persons.

Personal data may be processed using computer aids or without it, including transfer of personal data via intranet or otherwise.

The consent enters into force upon signature and continues until the expiration of five years after my expulsion, and in the case of introducing my personal data into the Book of Honor - indefinitely. The term of my personal data storage in the archive of the Institute is governed by the legislation on archives in the Russian Federation (not less than 75 years).

I am also aware that I'm entitled to withhold this consent at any time.

I also acknowledge that I am aware of the content of Federal Law "On Personal Data" dated 27.06.2006 No. 152-FZ and Council of Europe Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (ETS N 108); the rights and obligations in the area of the personal data protection were explained to me.